We have a team of engineering and certification specialists including Designated Engineering Representatives (DER), Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DAR) and Unit Members (UM) to cover all of your needs.

No matter what your certification needs, we can customize a certification package for you.

You have your own design capability? Great! We will work with your design team to ensure the highest quality design standards possible. We can help improve your yield in this area.

You have limited certification capability? Not any more. Now you have a whole team that will work with your certification people to fill in any gaps.

You have full design and certification capability but your production requirements exceed your personnel resources? Now you can have confidence in delivering your product on time and on budget because you just increased the size of your resources with a phone call or an email.

You need a wiring diagram or structural change DER approved to support a major alteration or repair? No problem, we do that too.

You have a meeting with a prospective client to work out the final details of a major project and schedule and certification are major hurdles? We will be there with all the resources necessary as “your” certification team.

You now have capabilities of which you’ve only dreamed!


We have plenty of it!

As a matter of fact, the partners of Envoy Aerospace combine for over seventy years of experience. We have participated in more than 1000 STC projects. From flight deck designs to wheels and brakes, and small singles to the largest Boeing or Airbus airliners, we have the experience. You need an innovative solution? We can help. Many of the projects we work are “first-of-type” approvals. Certain first-of-type approvals require new policy from the FAA to ensure the highest safety standards are being maintained. Often, we help shape that policy.

We have made it our goal to surround ourselves with the brightest, hardest working and most innovative thinking persons in the aviation industry.

When it comes to aviation certification, we know what it takes and we have done it.